AVC's Message


Assistant Vice Chancellor
UUM College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to UUM College of Arts and Sciences (UUM CAS). 

UUM CAS is one the three colleges under UUM besides College of Business (UUM COB), and College of Law, Governmental and International Studies (UUM COLGIS). The College consists of the academic schools that offers academic program in relation to Arts and Sciences disciplines such Computing, Multimedia, Mathematics and Statistics, Education, Communication, Applied Psychology and Social Work, and Creative Industry. The year of 2017 has brought an expansion to UUM CAS with the establishment of new schools such as the School of Computing (SOC), School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS), School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC), School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy (SAPSP), School of Education (SOE), School of Creative Industry Management and Performing Arts (SCIMPA), and School of Language, Civilization and Philosophy (SLCP). Apart from the these schools, the management of post graduate programs and studies are done by the Awang Had Salleh Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (AHSGS) UUM CAS.

Take your time to visit our website. The details of the academic programme offered by each school as well as the information on the expertise, research, publication and other school activities can be accessed from school’s website.

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