To develop competent and commited human capital to drive forward the nation and humanity at target in tandem with the University's charter and philosophy.


To establish the College of Arts and Sciences as a centre of excellence and reference in arts and sciences.


In shaping the vision of Universiti Utara Malaysia as the Eminent Management University, we at CAS with full determination and resolve, vow to fulfill the rights of our clients as follows:

For the students

  • To provide the best education, educational facilities and management systems based on established standards.

For the staff

  • To provide capable prospective students.
  • To provide the best facilities to fine-use work processes , appropriate rewards and development opportunities for staff.

For the nation

  • To provide prospective manpower to meet the needs of the country.
  • To provide quality training services, research and consultancy.

Carta Organisasi UUM CAS 2022